Design., Gold & Glass.
About This Project

As a signwriter in Margate, I recently had the opportunity to showcase my artistic talent at Hotel Michele. At the ‘Les Painters’ exhibition, I presented a series of glass artworks that explore the Yiddish language and the semiotics of type. The pieces feature reverse glass gilded 23ct gold on acid-etched glass, abalone inlay, and signwriters enamels.


Through my artwork, I sought to pay homage to the traditional sign painting techniques that have been used by signwriters for centuries. Gold leaf, in particular, has been a favorite among signwriters and is known for its durability, longevity, and classic appearance. By incorporating this technique in my artwork, I hoped to showcase the beauty of gold leaf and its potential in modern signwriting.


My artworks also incorporate abalone inlay, which adds a touch of iridescence and shimmer to the pieces. Abalone has been used in traditional sign painting for centuries and is known for its unique texture and color.

As a Margate signwriter, I believe that it’s essential to embrace traditional techniques while also experimenting with new mediums and styles. By combining different materials and techniques, I hope to create a unique and compelling visual language that speaks to both the past and the present.