Fascias., Gold & Glass.
About This Project

Using reverse glass gilding and 23ct gold leaf, I was able to create a stunning sign that proudly shines on the Margate seafront. Reverse glass gilding is a traditional technique that involves applying gold leaf to the back of a piece of glass, creating a beautiful reflective effect that catches the eye of anyone passing by. The use of gold leaf adds a touch of lavishness to the sign, making it truly stand out among the sea of signage on the seafront.


Additionally, the mural that was designed and painted to celebrate their 10th anniversary is another example of how traditional signwriting techniques can be used to create a beautiful and memorable piece. The collaboration between myself and Lisa, the owner of GB, allowed us to create a bespoke design that perfectly captured the spirit of the business and its anniversary celebration.

The collaboration between myself, Lisa, and her team allowed us to create a beautiful refurb in honour of their big birthday. The team worked tirelessly to ensure that the refurbishment was completed on time, allowing us to showcase the stunning mural in all its glory.